Tara Byrtt

Showjumping United Kingdom

"Over the years I have jumped in many different saddles. Only my Bates Elevation+ can offer me true comfort and stability. More importantly, my horse feels comfortable and more free to move under me. I have had comments from my Physio and Vet as to the improvement of my horse’s back too!"

"I no longer feel the need to add all the extra padding under my saddle which I used to use for my horse’s comfort as the air cushioning in the panels moves with my horse’s working muscles. By not using extra padding, I also feel much closer to my horse."

"This saddle looks amazing and feels really comfortable for me too as it has adjustable knee and thigh blocks."

"When you are in a jump-off and travelling at speed over large fences, things can change in an instant. It is reassuring to know that my Bates Elevation+ gives me such a safe and secure seat."

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