Does your saddle fit?

The realisation our saddle may no longer be fitting correctly is often a slow and evolving one. Thankfully, our riding struggles can usually be resolved with adjustments to our existing saddle. 

There are a few key aspects of saddle fit that you should conscientiously check periodically, specifically at least every three months. 

We worked with the FEI to produce this handy guide, read the original article on here

Images for illustrative purposes only, we recommend the use of a saddle cloth.

Signs that could signal your saddle fit need an adjustment include:

  • Position not improving, despite lessons
  • Feeling insecure, or unbalanced
  • Being overly aware of your saddle when riding
  • Horse becomes increasingly difficult to ride

How can you conduct a saddle fit check?

Images for illustrative purposes only, we recommend the use of a saddle cloth.

A basic saddle fit check should occur unmounted and will involve:

Stand your horse square on level ground with the saddle girthed up, without a saddle cloth. From this position you can check:

  • Saddle position
  • Saddle balance (stand two metres away and while facing the side of the saddle, look for the lowest part of the seat to be level)
  • The channel of your saddle for sufficient clearance
  • Slide your hand between saddle and horse to check even bearing/contact

If any of these checks indicate your saddle is not fitting correctly, you may need a different gullet size or to make adjustments within the saddle panel. Consult with a saddle fitter for assistance. 

You should also assess tack condition, including:

  • Girth point condition – cracks, holes stretched
  • Stirrup leather condition – cracks, holes stretched, stirrup leather unevenly stretched
  • Girth condition – cracks, holes stretched or torn, elastic stretched

In addition to conducting saddle checks once every three months, booking a regular saddle fit with a professional saddle fitter will ensure your saddle is comfortable and safe for both you and your horse. 

Having a regular saddle fit appointment will allow you and your horse to develop to the best of your ability over time and maximise your riding enjoyment! 


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