Bates Kimberley HB

A new era in stock saddles has arrived promising comfort your horse will immediately respond to.

You will experience unbeatable close contact, all-day comfort, exceptional connection, and unsurpassed stability, unlocked with the ability to have your saddle fit finely tuned. Your horse will appreciate the generous soft panel with an exceptionally large footprint to disperse pressure and a wide, even chamber to protect their spine. Enjoy relaxed confidence thanks to the support of the poley pads on your thigh, secure seat, and a fender which sculpts around your leg.

Whether you have a stock, western or English riding background, you will feel at home in the Bates Kimberley HB.


With Horse and Rider Technology (HART), your horse’s freedom under saddle is actively enhanced, as the saddle continuously flexes and conforms with their shape in motion for the ultimate comfort. Your saddle can be changed to
mirror the changes in your horse as they develop over time.

Close-contact felt panel and wide chamber

With an exceptionally large footprint on your horse’s back, the panel is able to reduce the overall pressure for your horse. Shaped to gradually taper pressure on to and away from your horse’s muscles to maximize the space around their withers and shoulder. Dynamic air cushioning ensures your horse has full range of their natural movement and the low profile design helps to stabilise the saddle and position you for close and harmonious contact.

The wide chamber ensures space around your horse’s sensitive spinous processes and helps ensure clearance at all times. 

Adjustable Y-Girthing system

Achieving an equal distribution of pressure along the length of the tree delivers tremendous stability, reducing any tendency for the rear of the saddle to lift. When adjusted for your horse, this girthing system results in an incredible reduction of white noise for the horse and accentuates clear communication between horse and rider.

Fenders that curve easily

Enjoy the close contact feeling of fenders that move seamlessly with you. The fenders can be easily sculpted to shape around your leg, allowing you to catch
your oxbows effortlessly.

Poley pads

Poley pads are positioned to provide greater security than the stock model, however you will notice the support is surprisingly gentle, but effective in riding with luxurious cushioning.


Stands alone for instantaneous soft, all day comfort. With a balanced seat, you are able to find your home position in the saddle whether you have a traditional stock background, or an English riding background. Super close contact, you will notice you have exceptional connection, which makes for relaxed and confident riding.

Unprecedented quality and durability

The quality of design and manufacture is unprecedented, with exceptional attention to detail and thought, evident in every design feature, executed
with simplicity and restraint. No expense has been spared in ensuring it will stand the test of time with stainless steel stirrup bars, blevin buckles and lightweight oxbows to give extra confidence in strength and durability. Made with the finest leather in the world that achieves a beautiful grip and softness to ride in that when cared for will last through the generations.