Competition Winners

Bates Saddles Capture the Competition 2022

1 x Bates Saddle of the Winners Choice


Fleur G, UK

Bates Saddles Helping Hand 2020

3 x one new Bates Saddle of the Winners Choice

Emily G, USA

Jodie S, UK

Letitia V, USA

A phone call with eventers Blair and Olympian Nikki Richardson (AUS)

Helen R, AUS

A phone call or virtual lesson with eventer, Olympian Amanda Ross (AUS)

Genevieve Z, AUS

A virtual lesson with 5* eventer Allie Sacksen (USA)

Haley L, USA

A review of your training or competition video by elite eventers Prue and Craig Barrett (AUS)

Lucy-Jane H, AUS

A video critique by dressage rider Olympian Hayley Beresford (AUS)

Wendy H, UK

A virtual lesson or advice call with 5* eventer Sarah Bullimore (UK)

Yael B, UK

A virtual lesson or advice call with 5* eventer Sarah Olivier, nee Stretton (UK)

Jay M, UK

A video critique or questions with eventers Olympian Stuart Tinney OAM and 4* rider Gemma Tinney (AUS)

Rosanna D, AUS

A virtual lesson or phone call with 5* eventer Hazel Shannon (AUS)

Ella A, AUS

A virtual lesson or call with dressage riders Olympians Heath and Rozzie Ryan (AUS)

Paula W, AUS

A phone call with eventer Olympian Shane Rose (AUS)

Anna D, AUS